ATA by-laws revisions

By-Laws Update Proposal

The following amendments to the organization’s By-Laws include focus on clarifying and improving the process of electing officers. These amendments will be discussed for possible adoption at the ATA General Membership Meeting on March 9, 2023.

ATA by-laws revisions

By-Laws Proposed Amendments

The President of the New Auchentoroly Terrace Association (ATA) is proposing a set of amendments to the organization’s By-Laws. For two decades the By-Laws have served as a strong foundation for our association’s operation. As with all democratic documents, there comes a time for constructive updates. The proposed amendments include inclusion of public health in the ATA objectives, clarification on the membership sign up process, flexibility on the frequency and location of General Membership Meetings, moving the biennial election of officers from the October to September meeting, addition of Land Use to our Standing Committees, updating pronouns to be gender neutral, and minor copy edits. Click to read the proposed changes.