druid hill canopy crosswalk

Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk group photo of community leaders and sponsor

Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk: Connecting Community & Green Space

On April 2-3, the neighborhoods northwest of Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland, got a vibrant new crosswalk, allowing residents a safer way to access one of the city’s largest parks. As the recipient of grant funding and product sponsorship, Graham Projects collaborated with the New Auchentoroly Terrace Association (ATA) and community residents to design the Druid Hill Park Canopy Crosswalk, an 800 square-foot crosswalk on Druid Hill Drive adjacent to North Fulton Avenue, and oversaw the installation of the crosswalk and sidewalk art. 

DHCC Install Call for Volunteers

Help Create the Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk!

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: The Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk will celebrate Druid Hill Park while improving street-crossing safety for pedestrians using the Fulton Avenue crosswalk. Join us for community paint days on Saturday April 2 - Sunday April 3, 2022, 10am - 5pm, at the corner of Druid Hill and Fulton Avenues. All are invited to help paint the sidewalks with leaves mural art inspired by community input. Refreshments and snacks provided. Drop in at any time!