Op-Eds Advocate Reconnecting Druid Hill Park

Druid Hill Park speckled path

Druid Park Lake Drive Auchentoroly Terrace aerial

Auchentoroly Terrace residents and Mondawmin area advocates are increasingly calling for ways to reconnect Druid Hill Park with our surrounding neighborhoods. Currently Reservoir Hill, Auchentoroly Terrace, and Mondawmin are all cut off from Baltimore’s historic urban park by dangerous five-to-nine lane highways built in the 1940s-1960s. On a daily basis countless children risk their lives dashing across these overbuilt roads to reach their closest greenspace. In recent months, architect Davin Hong of Living Design Lab and Auchentoroly Terrace resident and public health doctor Daniel Hindman have both published op-eds in the Baltimore Sun outlining the current dangers faced by families trying to walk to the park, the history behind the oppressive highway designs, and realistic solutions that will support public health improvements. The letters outline how we can take advantage of the current Druid Lake construction project to permanently convert the Druid Park Lake Drive and Auchentoroly Terrace into complete street, urban boulevards that equally meet the needs of pedestrians, people who rely on bicycles to get to work, transit riders, and motorists. Read the op-ed’s here:

Asphalt arteries cut off communities from Druid Hill Park
Davin Hong, June 8, 2017, The Baltimore Sun

Right a past wrong by opening access to Druid Hill Park
Daniel Hindman, October 19, 2017, The Baltimore Sun

The New Auchentoroly Terrace Association is excited to be actively working with 7th District Councilman Leon Pinkett on supporting a planning effort in partnership with Baltimore City DOT to re-envision the highways as pedestrian-friendly boulevards.

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