DPW Every Day Mural

180817 DPW Everyday Mural opening press conference

Press event dedicating the new mural.

The New Auchentoroly Terrace Association is pleased to welcome a vibrant, new mural to the neighborhood: “DPW Every Day”. The new mural was commissioned by the Baltimore City Department of Public Works and Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts. The new artwork is nine panel mural, celebrating the civic contributions of the Department of Public Works employees that benefit the quality of life across Baltimore. The mural project was lead by celebrated teaching artist and muralist, Gary Mullen, with the assistance of twelve Baltimore City youth, employed through DPW’s summer Youthworks and YH20 job training programs. The mural was dedicated by representatives from DPW, BOPA, and ATA on Friday, August 17, 2018.

The location of the wall at Fulton & Druid Hill Drive was selected because of its proximity to both DPW’s Park Terminal facility (directly south of the wall) and DPW’s large scale water protection project at Druid Hill Park Lake, directly to the east. With the assistance and contributions of DPW administrators and staff from all departments, the mural team learned about the various aspects of DPW’s work across the city and took behind the scenes field trips to the Quarantine Road Landfill, Loch Raven Reservoir, and Ashburton Treatment plant.  They also toured other murals and public artworks in west Baltimore and at the Baltimore Farmers Market downtown.

Following the education and field-trip tours, the team of youth, lead by Gary, began creating drawings based on what they had learned.  The drawings included elements directly related to DPW sites and facilities, like the connections of underground water pipes and the heavy equipment like bulldozers, and dump trucks that DPW use in their work.  Other drawings showed the beneficial outcome and quality of life elements like fresh drinking water in your home, and water to grow plants and maintain gardens, and being able to recycle and reduce solid waste going into landfills.

Lead artist Gary Mullen then translated the youth teams drawings into nine distinct scenes, related to the same topics, and rendered in his style. “When I create art, my goal is to simplify the artwork as much as possible. Since I have a background in graphic design, I transfer those rules into my art, but with a touch of cubism.” Gary said, reflecting on his process. Once the designs were complete the youth gave feedback and approval and all 9 were sent for the approval of DPW upper management including Director Chow.

By Friday August 3rd ,the team had completed the majority of painting on all nine panels. By the end of the session and two weeks of painting together the group had learned first hand a number of skills and techniques used in artwork design and mural painting as well as bonded as a team.

Following the completion of the DPW themed mural, there are plans to work with the community to design a similar mural depicting the connection between the community and the recreational options afforded by the park, on the North side of the wall.

DPW Every Day Mural Gary Mullen

Artist Gary Mullen working on the mural.

180817 DPW Everyday Mural opening artists

City officials and artists.

180817 DPW Everyday Mural opening

180817 DPW Everyday Mural opening ATA members

ATA members at mural dedication.

2018 DPW Every Day Mural 02

2018 DPW Every Day Mural 10 2018 DPW Every Day Mural 09

2018 DPW Every Day Mural 08

2018 DPW Every Day Mural 07  2018 DPW Every Day Mural 05  2018 DPW Every Day Mural 03

DPW Every Day, 2018
Artist: Gary Mullen, With assistance from Department of Public Works, 2018 YouthWorks Mural Team members:

  • Lashae Church
  • Katelyn Collier
  • Kashaun Drumgoogle
  • Amanda Holland
  • Samira Jackson
  • Dominique Jeffers
  • Morgan Lee
  • Ra’Quel McCain
  • Cynthia Pual Abalum
  • Darvell Smith
  • Sierra Walston
  • Justin Watford
  • Katrell Wilkinson
  • Darien Williams


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