ATA September 10th, 2020 Meeting Minutes


ATA’s monthly meeting was via Zoom video conference call on Thursday September 10th   2020. Graham Coreil-Allen, interim vice president opened the meeting and gave remarks to the group.  President Barbara Anderson Dandy welcomed residents and our partners.  The minutes from the June 11th , 2020 meeting were read by Anne Goncalves, secretary, and approved as read. 


Residents welcomed Maria Smaldone- the Neighborhood Resource Coordinator, Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore, an organization which provides homebuyer education and coaching for Baltimore residents. Maria has recently been working on the  Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk project with Graham Coreil-Allen to create access for greater Mondawmin residents to have easy and safe access to the park. 

Terrance Brown, Community Liaison DPW, spoke to residents about illegal dumping and the need to always report it to 311. Mr. Brown also discussed the new recycling program which runs daily from 7AM to 3PM. The target/goal date to resume normal recycling pickup is November 1st. This change was made due to Covid19. Hazardous waste precautions were outlined and residents were instructed to take this type of waste to drop off events Friday Saturday October 2nd and 3rd at the Northwest Citizens Convenience Center from 9am – 5pm, 2840 Sisson Street. Please reach out to Mr. Brown with outstanding service request numbers.  

A financial report was provided to residents by Cheryl Bailey- Solomon, NATA Treasurer.

Graham Coreil Allen shared some updates on projects surrounding Druid Park Lake Drive.  He spoke with DOT representative Matthew Hendrickson last week who confirmed that DPW will need to dig a trench under Druid Park Lake Dive in order to continue the reservoir improvement project.  DOT and DPW will be moving the traffic lanes to accommodate the trench. As such, The BIG JUMP will be moved onto a sidewalk and that extra lane will be used for East and West bound traffic.  This work should begin in about a month. 

James Torrence, candidate for Baltimore City Council, 7th District, stopped by to send well wishes to residents.  Mr. Torrence gave updates on our neighborhood and urged residents to secure their physical copy of a mail-in ballot.  There will be a listening tour for his campaign starting next week to hear concerns from residents about what they’d like to see from their next councilperson.

Residents were happy to welcome Mr. Brandon Scott, City Council President , Democratic Mayoral Candidate.  Councilpresident Scott first thanked community members for being so involved with and dedicated to our neighborhood and community.  He outlined what residents could expect from him as a new mayor and what we can count on from his office.  Mr. Scott then opened the floor to residents for questions and conversation. (photo courtesy Graham Coreil Allen)

Good News Gallery!

  • NATA applied for and won a Spruce Up Grant from Neighborhood Housing Services.  As part of his fellowship with OSI Graham Coreil-Allen developed an art crosswalk for the Fulton Avenue crosswalk to the park.  He shared his plans and images for the upcoming project.  Beginning in the fall Graham will be setting up meetings so that residents of the surrounding neighborhoods may share information that will help sculpt the design.  Be on the lookout for information regarding these meetings.  Neighborhood youth will be encouraged and compensated for their help with the project. This project is also being supported by a grant from the Baltimore Community Foundation.  Congratulations to Graham and the community on the progression of this exciting new project!
  • ATA Youth Patrol and community youth support and celebrate the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington.  Photos below courtesy Tainia Miller, Youth Patrol Supervisor.

Save the Date: Trash pickup is Friday. Recycling is now DAILY  – 7 a.m. – 3p.m.  at The William S. Baer School  located at 2001 North Warwick Avenue, until November.  Please use municipal trash cans! DO NOT put trash bags/bulk items on corners or in alleys. Our next meeting will be a Zoom video conference on Thursday, October 8th  Please look out in your email for a link to participate.  If you need assistance getting set up please respond to the email. 

 ***Special Note: We are all in the fight against Covid-19 together!  Please wash hands often, wear masks, and practice safe social distance procedures!  Take care of yourself and check on your neighbors! ***


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