Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk

Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk

Share your favorite Druid Hill Park tree leaves to serve as artwork inspiration:

The Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk will celebrate Druid Hill Park while improving street-crossing safety for pedestrians using the Fulton Avenue crosswalk. All too often cars endanger residents at this main intersection by blocking the crosswalk, speeding, and running red lights. The artistic crosswalk’s colorful, leaf-inspired design will stand out against the black asphalt, reminding motorists to yield to residents on foot. Community members will be invited to contribute their favorite trees in Druid Hill Park to be featured as large-scale painted leaves on the sidewalks leading to the crosswalk. Different leaf designs will evoke the surrounding towering trees emblematic of the park. Possible tree leaves may include Red Maples, Tulip Poplars, Red Oaks, White Oaks, and Zelkovas.

ATA Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk Info Session

Time: Mar 4, 2021 06:00 PM Eastern Time

Meeting ID: 841 8025 7117
Email auchentorolyterraceassociation@gmail.com for the passcode.
Join by phone: +13017158592

Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk plan
Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk perspective sidewalk
Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk perspective Druid Hill Ave
Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk perspective McCulloh St

Above: artistic rendering of the Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk

More about the Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk

This traffic calming and neighborhood beautification project is produced in collaboration with the The Access Project for Druid Hill Park (TAP Druid Hill)TAP Druid Hill stakeholders envision a future where residents of all ages and abilities are able to reach the recreational, public health, and cultural benefits of Druid Hill Park using safe and accessible complete streets.

As an act of skill-sharing and employment, local youth will be recruited to help safely paint the sidewalk artwork in exchange for a living-wage. The crosswalk artwork in the roadway will be created using StreetBond pavement coating installed by public artist and OSI Community Fellow Graham Coreil-Allen of Graham Projects. The colorful leaves of the Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk will glorify the local impact of trees while joyfully enhancing pedestrian safety and park access.

The Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk is made possible through the generous support of the Baltimore Regional Neighborhoods Initiative (BRNI) in the State of Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development via the ​Greater Rosemont Mondawmin (GRM) Neighborhood Spruce-Up Grant administered by Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore, as well as neighborhood grant from the Baltimore Community Foundation.

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