ATA April 8, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Earth Day


ATA’s monthly meeting was held via Zoom video conference call on Thursday April 8th, 2020. Graham Coreil-Allen, NATA’s new President, opened the meeting and resident Susanna Hindman led the residents in a community prayer to start the meeting. The minutes from the March 10th 2020 meeting were read by Anne Goncalves, secretary, and approved as read. President Graham Coreil Allen welcomed members and began the meeting.


  • Carlos Sanchez Gonzalez, high school sophomore, and Meleny Thomas visited from the CVCLT Free Your Voice / Zero Waste Coalition. Mr Sanchez Gonzalez discussed what zero waste is, why we need it, and how residents can get involved with zero waste initiatives. Mr. Gonzalez invited residents participate in a virtual event Event Link: This event will talk with people who have done zero waste already- how did they achieve the goal of people over profit? How can we get to the system that we want? Ms. Thomas and Mr. Gonzalez answered residents questions about the program. Please email to be added to the mailing list
  • Roan Bennet, Director of Office of Customer & Community Relation, Maryland Transit Authority- reported after he met with NATA last fall his department did a walk around the Mondawmin area, especially focused on busses and metro. At this point his office still needs to circle back on some of those items. Hopefully with potential upcoming federal funding, his office can take another look at some of our items. Mr. Bennet was happy to share with residents that at the end of February Metro’s long term single tracking project finally wrapped up. If you have any transit issues please get in touch with Mr Bennet by emailing
  • Reginald Williams, community liaison from the State’s Attorney Office spoke to residents to address concerns about violence and crime in our neighborhood. He applauded us for our efforts and successes in developing a relationship with our NCO officers, for example our Meet n Greet event in March. In addressing crime “we hear your cry, your calls, your concerns” and want to assure us that help is on the way. Sergeant Rouser and Mr Williams looked into our request that BPD and DOT use traffic calming techniques in our neighborhood in order to address crime. Mr. Williams will reach out to Graham with information about how to move forward with this request. Mr Williams addressed the State’s Attorney’s decision to make COVID Criminal Justice policies permanent- the following offenses are no longer being prosecuted – CDS drug possession, attempted distribution of CDS, minor traffic offenses, trespassing, urinating/defecating in public, and sex work. He was clear that this does not apply to distribution and sale of CDS. During COVID, the State’s Attorney did not prosecute these crimes in order to reduce the spread of COVID. This action did not increase violence or crime and did reduce incarcerated individuals especially black and brown people and did reduce the spread of COVID. The city set up a partnership with the Baltimore Crisis Response Center Inc because offenders often benefit more from a crisis center worker providing options instead of BPD intervening. Please reach out to Mr Williams and/or 443-984-6162
  • Will Ethridge the Baltimore City DOT Project Manager and Tammy Leigh DeMent, Senior Community Engagement Specialist, Druid Park Lake Drive Complete Streets Design Effort- Druid Park Lake Drive Complete Streets Study study to redesign Druid Park Lake Drive using Complete Streets principals to increase safety, accessibility, and connectivity from local neighborhoods to the park. The team discussed the boundaries of the project, the 2-3 concept outcome, and defined Druid Park Lake Drive project goals thus far: to calm car traffic, and to make it safer and easier for walkers, cyclists and our community. Wes Mitchell shared ways to get connected and make your voice heard in this important project. To access an electronic version of the comment card please go to There will be an upcoming public meeting Wednesday April 28, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.
  • Susanna Hindman, resident & organizer of The Growing Kindness Project is a 5 year resident who is doing a personal gardening project and wanted to give background about what and why she was doing it. When Susanna was helping her sister in law develop a cut flower business she realized she wanted flowers to be more available for everyone, so she joined The Growing Kindness Project, a collaborative

of people gardening with the specific purpose to give away the flowers. Susanna wanted to get involved after the intense year 2020 has been and was accepted in the project. Mrs. Hindman is excited to get started and grow flowers in her backyard and vacant lots in the neighborhood. She will be giving the flowers away to people in our neighborhood and would love it if we would email her to let her know of people in our neighborhood who should get a bouquet for whatever reason this summer. Email Susanna with suggestions: Check out the flower farm in VA: @handsownposy on Instagram. Learn more about the project:

Eric James, the Baltimore City DOT Liaison for Districts 5,6,7 shared his contact info so that residents who have transportation issues can reach out: 410-218-6588

A new Land Use Committee was suggested by Graham Coreil-Allen in order to create a contiguous effort to revitalize and utilize vacant and unused properties and spaces. Please reach out to Graham if interested in joining this committee.

Save the Date & Good News Gallery :

  • Mayor’s Spring Cleanup April 24th but there will be no dumpsters and no bulk items, this will be on a personal or block by block basis. Block Captains – Please mobilize your blocks as a team!
  • Residents shared in congratulating Alison Velez Lane for being inducted to Maryland’s Top 100 Women (for the third time)
  • Barbara Anderson Dandy, president emeritus, shared the sad news of our Vice President Cheryl Bailey Solomon’s husband Shepard Solomon’s sudden passing. Please share your love
  • Tammy Leigh DeMent shared information about the April 14th Rec & Parks meeting about the future development of the lake
  • Adeline Hutchinson, president of GMCC, invited resident to her community’s June 5th Health and Wellness Day at the new park at 2100 Herbert Street. There will be free vegetable plants and free flowering plants and a master gardener giving planting advice.
  • John Kwamya, NATAs Corresponding Secretary, announced that NATA submitted an application and received a Bmore Beautiful Program a Care-A-Lot Grant for our association- it will fund payment of youth and other residents for a robust year of civic maintenance.
  • Trash pickup is Friday. Recycling is Tuesday. Please use municipal trash cans! DO NOT put trash bags/bulk items on corners or in alleys.
  • Annual dues are $10 per person. Please pay your dues
  • Our next meeting will be a Zoom video conference on Thursday, May 13th 2021. Please look out in your email for a link to participate. If you need assistance getting set up please respond to the email.

Special Note: We are STILL in the fight against Covid-19 together! Please get vaccinated, wash hands often, wear masks, and practice safe distance procedures! Take care of yourself and check on your neighbors!

Click here to download the meeting minutes.

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