ATA March 11th, 2021 Meeting Minutes


ATA’s monthly meeting was held via Zoom video conference call on Thursday March 11th, 2020. Graham Coreil-Allen, NATA’s new President, opened the meeting and Regeino Smith led the residents in a community prayer to start the meeting. The minutes from the December 10th 2020 meeting were read by Anne Goncalves, secretary, and approved as read. President Graham Coreil Allen welcomed members and began the meeting.


  • NATA’s newly elected 7th District Councilman, James Torrence gave residents updates about public safety in our neighborhood and the 7th District.  Violence and crime is on the uprise unfortunately but the mayor’s office is initiating a pilot program that is aimed to help reduce violence. Mr. Torrence has been making efforts with the Department of Housing and DPW in order to combat illegal dumping. Councilman Torrence’s office has been involved in various clean up efforts and listening tours. Please sign up for the councilman’s newsletter at, and go to updates.  Or email  
  • Reginald Williams, community liaison from the State’s Attorney Office spoke to residents about his comprehensive group violence reduction initiatives. The primary objective of his position is to make our community safer by building partnerships in the community between relevant groups, such as residents and law enforcement.  For example: as a result of community  discussions about information dispersal from the BPD’s Western District to the community- a weekly update from the sergeant directly to the community has been implemented.  Mr. Williams thanked residents for their continued patience and perseverance dealing with the causes of crime in our community.  He takes the info we give him and tries to create the best approach for the issues and asks for our continued support in his efforts to create the best possible solutions for our community.  The State’s Attorney will be at the Western District Commander’s Community Safety Meeting March 16th Tuesday at 7 PM. 
  • Kejuana Walton, Consumer Education & Advocate from the Maryland Insurance Administration shared information with residents about the Maryland Insurance Administration.  Their organization does not sell insurance policies but is part of the state insurance inspection agency which regulates insurance companies, making sure they are able to pay claims and are compliant with laws and guidelines. Ms. Walton gave advice on shopping for home, auto, and life insurance and recommended residents may want to use the insurance comparison guide on the administration’s website.  Additionally,  if you have problems with your insurance company you can file a complaint with their office- this includes if you have been denied, terminated, delayed payment or experienced raises in insurance premiums without proper notice. Please reach out to gather more information or 800-492-6116  
  • Graham Coreil-Allen, Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk thanked Neighborhood Housing Services for the grant to support the Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk – an outcropping of many years of Graham’s projects that aim to to illuminate the need for pedestrian safety by creating an artistic leaf-themed crosswalk at one of the major intersections between our neighborhood and the park.  Graham is inviting all to share their favorite leaves in Druid Hill Park and the surrounding areas that will inform the artwork used to create the project. Please visit  to find out more information on getting involved!

Save the Date & Good News Gallery : 

  • Residents acknowledged community member Alison Velez Lane for honoring Kailen Washington who was struck during the recent shooting. Ms. Velez Lane learned that Kailen is an artist and provided art supplies for her. 
  • Saturday March 20th was NATA’s first official community cleanup of the year.  Many thanks to all who attended and helped beautify our neighborhood! The Department of Public Works provided a dumpster for the cleanup and for community use.  After the cleanup residents had a Meet & Greet with the Western District police officers who patrol our neighborhood. We appreciate the Western District officers for joining us and working to serve our community.  Many thanks to Reverend Olivia Moyd Hazell and Felipe Goncalves for providing food for the event! Photos courtesy John Kwamya posted below.
  • Trash pickup is Friday. Recycling is Tuesday.  Please use municipal trash cans! DO NOT put trash bags/bulk items on corners or in alleys. 
  • Annual dues are $10 per person. Please pay your dues 
  • Our next meeting will be a Zoom video conference on Thursday, April 8th 2021.   Please look out in your email for a link to participate.  If you need assistance getting set up please respond to the email. 

Special Note: We are STILL in the fight against Covid-19 together! Please wash hands often, wear masks, and practice safe distance procedures! Take care of yourself and check on your neighbors!

Click here to download the meeting minutes.

Photos by John Kwamya of Charm City 360.

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