ATA May 13th, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk perspective Druid Hill Ave
Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk Proposal rendering.

ATA’s monthly meeting was held via Zoom video conference call on Thursday May 13th, 2021. ATA President Graham Coreil-Allen opened the meeting.. The minutes from the April 8h 2021 meeting were read by John Kwamya, corresponding secretary, and approved as read. President Graham Coreil Allen welcomed members and began the meeting.

Kathryn Shulman , 2022 Candidate, 40th District State Delegate. Kathryn introduced herself and spoke to the meeting about representation and the true concerns of the community.

There was a continuation of the ongoing public safety issues facing Auchentoroly Terrace. A recent criminal activity was discussed and noted with the local BPD liaison.

Dr. Daniel Hindman, Friends of Druid Hill Park and Graham Coreil-Allen discussed his Druid Hill Canopy Crosswalk designs and project.

Baltimore City Department of Transportation Community Liaison Eric James, discussed the Druid Park Lake Drive Project. The reimagining of the transportation corridor between the neighborhoods of Druid Hill Park is in its early stages. The goal of the project is to engage in traffic calming and enhance the use of the roadways. An in person meeting took place on June 2nd at the Druid Hill Farmer ’s Market and a zoom conversation on June 3rd.

Baltimore City Recreation and Parks Community Liaison Tony Savage invited residents to participate in the upcoming Druid Lake Vision meeting.

Dr. Daniel Hindman updated everyone about his efforts to create a new Friends of Druid Hill Park. The new parks and people would act as liaison between the communities surrounding Druid Hill Park and the organizations that operate within the Park.

Graham Coreil-Allen, President of Auchentoroly Terrace, shared his plans for the Druid Hill Park Canopy Crosswalk. He took suggestions in the form of drawings and pictures of volunteers’ favorite leaves and trees. The project would address traffic calming at the Fulton intersection of the Auchentoroly Pkwy. Graphics below.

John Kwamya , officially announced the receipt of the Care -A-Lot service grant. As Program Coordinator, John will hire local youth participants to maintain 4 lots in the Auchentoroly Neighborhood.

Graham returned to the idea of the Land Use Committee. The participants would help research and develop a plan to present to the City and potential developers to use when considering projects in Auchentoroly Terrace. Having a plan will help ensure future development takes into consideration the needs of local residents.

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