ATA June 10th, 2021 Meeting Minutes


ATA’s monthly meeting was held via Zoom video conference call on Thursday June 10th, 2021. Graham Coreil-Allen, NATA’s President, opened the meeting and resident Stephanie Cardwell led the residents in an incantation of gratitude. The minutes from the May 13th  meeting were read by Anne Goncalves, recording secretary, and approved as read. President Graham Coreil Allen welcomed members and began the meeting.


  • 7th District Councilman James Torrence joined the association to inform about his efforts in our district including: a Gwynns Falls cleanup all along the parkway this fall, an expungement clinic, and an organ donor encouragement event, a series of summer events, distribution of 6,000reusable bags for people in the district receiving SNAP benefits or living in food deserts to ensure access to food transportation after the plastic bag ban goes into effect in Baltimore City.  Mr Torrence is looking to  increase methods of constituent engagement especially through the coronavirus pandemic and encourages residents to reach out to him at for help with any concerns or issues.
  • Officer Jose Morales, from the Western District Neighborhood Coordinating Office addressed issues raised by residents and provided updates. Mr Morales discussed the CitiWatch program – a citywide security camera program which reimburses residents for installing camera systems and allowing BPD access to footage. The Western District is looking to engage more residents with this program. Residents may visit for more information or to enroll. Officer Morales also gave residents aggregate crime stats for our neighborhood. Residents engaged in discussion with Officer Morales and Councilman Torrence about concerns in the community. 
  • Tony Savage of Baltimore City Department of Parks and Recreation let us know he was still working on a letter of support for our project.
  • Dr. Rena Johnson, property developer of 2301 & 2300 Whittier Ave introduced herself to residents and made them aware of her development  efforts at 2300 and 2301 Whittier Avenue.  She has always wanted to work in Baltimore as a real estate investor and this is her opportunity. She has a zoning appeal hearing on June 15 to get a variance for Multi Family Dwelling to increase units. She discussed her relevant experience and historical and personal reasons for interest in the neighborhood.  Dr. Johnson gave residents a detailed presentation on her plans for the buildings, including floor plans and historical references.  Dr. Johnson asked residents for their support and made her contact information available to residents to raise questions or concerns.   Graham Coreil Allen proposed a resolution to the group  and asked for a motion to approve which was granted and seconded as read.  Due to the vote in favor, President Graham Coreil Allen agreed to provide Dr. Johnson with a letter of support in the coming days.
  • China Boak Terrell, 40th District House of Delegates Candidate, greeted residents and gave an update on her campaign and efforts.  The primary election is on June 28, 2022 with early voting before that.  Mrs. Terrell asked residents to make her one of their three choices for delegate.  After giving a brief history of her interest in the position Mrs. Terrell opened the floor to residents to voice their concerns and ideas for the 40th District.  
  • Carlos Sanchez, a representative from the Zero Waste Coalition gave an update on the Annual Zero Waste Day, Mayor Scott spoke about getting food waste out of the waste stream (40% of waste is food waste).  Drafted a letter for individuals to send a letter to their Council Member  in order to further these efforts.  He made it available for residents to download and send.  The letter form can be accessed at
  • President Graham Coreil Allen led a discussion on transportation.  He outlined two ongoing transportation initiatives in our neighborhood that residents have expressed interest in remedying in conjunction with DOT in order to calm traffic and crime in our neighborhood.  The two initiatives are requesting permit parking for our neighborhood and requesting more speed bumps on Orem and Whittier Avenues.  Lastly, the Gwynns Falls and Reisterstown Road intersection was recently identified as the most dangerous in Maryland and has been elected to receive traffic calming efforts in order to make it more safe.  DOT plans to release a preliminary proposal for traffic calming and will present this on June 15th at a public meeting 

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  • Residents welcomed new NATA resident Stephanie Cardwell and her colleague Raven from Whitelock Community Farm. Ms Cardwell made residents aware of her desire to use the green space on Whittier Ave as a home for an environmental installation in conjunction with Raven’s organization.  
  • ATA will have a community cleanup this Saturday June 12 2021 from 9-11 am meeting at the dumpster behind 3210 Auchentoroly Terrace.. Resident volunteers are needed to assist community service workers to clean up hot spot areas.  Bags are available for pick up and a dumpster will be on site. Block Captains, please mobilize the residents in your block! Please wear a mask and bring your own gloves. We will be practicing spatial distancing to ensure a safe clean up for all.
  • Trash pickup is Friday. Recycling is Tuesday.  Please use municipal trash cans! DO NOT put trash bags/bulk items on corners or in alleys. 
  • Annual dues are $10 per person. Please pay your dues 
  • Our next meeting will be a Zoom video conference on Thursday, September 9th 2021.   Please look out in your email for a link to participate.  If you need assistance getting set up please respond to the email. 

Special Note: We are STILL in the fight against Covid-19 together! Please get vaccinated, wash hands often, wear masks, and practice safe distance procedures! Take care of yourself and check on your neighbors!

Click here to download the meeting minutes.

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