ATA September 9th, 2021 Meeting Minutes


On Thursday, September 9th, 2021 ATA’s monthly meeting was held hybridly at The Historic Stone House at Parks & People and via Zoom video conference call. Graham Coreil-Allen, NATA’s President, introduced himself and opened the meeting. NATA Chaplain and resident Deacon Tally led the residents in a prayer. The minutes from the June 10th meeting were read by Anne Goncalves, recording secretary, and approved as read. President Graham Coreil Allen welcomed members and began the meeting.


  • Tia McDonald aka “Miss Sunni” greeted residents and spoke about her project Mondawmin Urban Green Space (MUGS) which is a garden located at 2714 Reisterstown Road. As the new adopted lot manager she is determined to engage it with purpose and is inviting community members to take part. Ms. McDonald educated residents on the history and goals for the Adopt-A-Lot project. Please be on the lookout for fliers and digital invitations.
  • Reginald Williams from the States Attorneys office greeted
    residents and gave thanks for our blessings. Mr. Williams
    delivered a quarterly report on crime with info from BPD – as
    always he encouraged residents to keep reaching out and
    reporting crime. Mr. Williams intends to assist our
    community to get a meeting together to address with
    leadership and BPD our ongoing issues. Mr. Williams made available a “prosecution cheat sheet” which shows what the States Attorney’s Office is and is not prosecuting so that residents know when and how to correctly report incidents. The State’s Attorney’s Western District “Chat N Chew” is upcoming.
  • Residents discussed public safety in our neighborhood with President Coreil-Allen briefing residents on specific incidents. He reminded residents to lock our doors and windows, be vigilant with our own safety, and to participate in Baltimore City’s CitiWatch program. Graham has also been in conversation with other groups about harm reduction, such as BRIDGES Coalition to provide education about how to help neighbors. Let’s pool ALL of our efforts to help our more vulnerable residents. Graham opened the conversation and the community engaged.
  • 7th District Councilman James Torrence addressed residents specifically about a downed tree and an assessment with DOT specifically about lighting issues on Bryant Avenue. In a couple weeks Mr. Torrence’s office is going to organize another Gwynns Falls Parkway cleanup- if residents volunteer they can get a credit on their water bill. Mr. Torrence also discussed traffic pattern changes that have been proposed for the Gwynns Falls & Reisterstown Rd intersection. Councilman Torrence encourages residents to reach out to him at for help with any concerns or issues.

Save the Date & Good News Gallery:

  • ATA had a cleanup in August – it went really well ! The New Auchentoroly Terrace Association appreciates everyone who was able to help. Two teams covered every single block in our boundaries. Many thanks to all involved.
  • ATA would like to thank John Kwamywa for securing a Care-A-Lot grant to care for our vacant blocks in the neighborhood- the grant pays residents to cut grass. John has been working behind the scenes a ton for the association – many thanks!
  • ATA plans to apply for The Lifebridge Health Community Grant to provide planters for the 2900 Block of Parkwood Avenue.
  • Crystal Parker is a voting and vaccination neighborhood advocate.
    • She is helping to run voter registration; we need to make sure the votes are counted in the community where they live! Residents can register at the age of 16, even though they may not vote until 18.
    • Every Wednesday there is a vaccination clinic inside of the HK Rawling Conservatory at the same time as the Farmers Market- please spread the word!
  • There will be a celebration of Billie Holiday’s music this Saturday September 11th from 2-4 pm in Lafayette Square.
  • Trash pickup is Friday. Recycling is Tuesday. Please use municipal trash cans! DO NOT put trash bags/bulk items on corners or in alleys.
  • Annual dues are $10 per person. Please pay your dues
  • Our next meeting will be at the Big House at Parks and People and virtually via Zoom video conference on Thursday, October 7th 2021. Please look out in your email for a link to participate. If you need assistance getting set up please respond to the email.

Special Note: We are STILL in the fight against Covid-19 together! Please get vaccinated, wash hands often, wear masks, and practice safe distance procedures! Take care of yourself and check on your neighbors!

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