ATA March 9, 2023 General Membership Meeting Minutes

WHEN: Thursday, March 9, 2023, 6-8pm

WHERE: Parks & People Stone House

The New Auchentoroly Terrace Association (ATA) held its General Membership Meeting in person at the Parks and People Stone House Thursday, March 9, 2023, 6-8pm. ATA President Graham Coreil-Allen opened the meeting. The minutes from the December meeting were approved as read. Twenty people were in attendance in person and six participated online. President Graham Coreil Allen welcomed members and began the meeting.

  • Meeting called to order at 6:15pm
  • Opened with a prayer from chaplain Deacon Tally.
  • President read minutes from the last meeting. Minutes approved as read.
  • Andrea Jones, Liaison of the Baltimore City State’s Attorney Office, shared information about her office and its current effort to change the state law to make punishment of illegal gun possession even across adult age ranges. A question was asked about juveniles, to which Officer Alston replied that juveniles receive minimal punishment for gun possession. Jone also shared that they were providing more training to new prosecutors.
  • Officer Alston of the Western District Police shared recent incidents of crime and took questions. Residents observed a reduction in illegal activity on Parkwood Avenue, but noted that more needed to be done as there are still threatening elements operating out of the adjacent alleys.
  • Maria Smalldone of Neighborhood Housing Services shared information about Home Repair Grants for Seniors.
  • Chaquetta Wallace, local DOT liaison, introduced herself in her new role with the agency and said she was here to listen. Residents summarized our DOT requests going back the past several years including the need for speed bumps on Ruskin and Orem, fixing the pedestrian signals wrecked by cars at Gwynns Falls and Auchentoroly, and the need for traffic traffic calming along the entire corridor to slow speeding motorists, improve pedestrian safety and protect parked cars from being damaged.
    • Residents request a red light camera at Fulton and Druid Hill Avenue. Wallace encouraged residents to request the red light camera by completing a DOT application. 
    • Discussion was also held as to what happened to the Blue Star Memorial, which was hit by a car in recent months and disappeared.
    • A local property owner also requested a stop sign on Whittier at Parkwood Avenue.
    • Contact:
  • No Show: Sykia Edwards, Pudds Place proposal
    • President Coreil-Allen shared an application to create an addictions recovery counseling center in a residential building on Reisterstown Road. He explained that ATA Officers issued a letter of opposition over the applicant not having contacted the community and urging the applicant to consider using existing, vacant commercial spaces for their business. He shared that receiving the letter of opposition, the applicant emailed the association to assure us there would be no drug distribution, and that it was only counseling and apartments. The application also stated they would like to meet with the community. ATA invited them to present at this meeting but the applicant never responded.

      Several residents shared the sentiment that our area already has its share of rehabilitation centers and that they do not want our neighborhood to have a concentration of more facilities. People discussed how existing halfway homes are not being properly maintained. Land Use chair Michael Grooms proposed conducting a survey to serve as a foundation for our neighborhood plan, which could limit additional addiction services already being met in our community.
  • Land Use: Healthy Neighborhoods Target Blocks
    • President Coreil-Allen shared information about a recent invitation to nominate additional “Target Blocks” to Healthy Neighborhoods. Target Blocks are eligible for special income-based incentives for, such as a matching grant up to $10,000 for owner-occupied home repairs. ATA requested the addition of all its blocks added to the list of Target Blocks, but was asked by Healthy Neighborhoods to further demonstrate engagement among homeowners on the blocks and prove that the block had over 50% home ownership and minimal vacancy rates. President Coreil-Allen invited block captains to organize their residents to request their block become a Target Block. The 2300 blocks of Whittier, Orem, and Ruskin, and the 2900 block of Parkwood were discussed as prime nominations. Residents discussed circulating a petition to document resident support for target blocks and requesting support from Councilman Torrence.
  • By-Laws updates
    • President Coreil-Allen shared proposed updates to the by-laws to clarify the process of electing officers. The proposal called for requiring residents to update their membership at least 30 days before the election, the election to be held at its own meeting between September and December, and requiring previous participation to be eligible to run as a candidate. Residents participated in debate around the number of meetings and/or events a member should have participated in within the past year to be eligible to run for office. The proposal was modified from requiring attendance at one meeting or official event such as a clean up to two meetings and one official event. The modified resolution passed unanimously.
  • Eli Lopatin, new Executive Director of GMCC
    • Eli Lopatin was introduced as the new, long sought Executive Director of the Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council. Eli was warmly welcome as he had previously served as an intern at GMCC over 10 years ago. He shared his vision to support our community, improve organization at GMCC, and help raise additional funds for Greater Mondawmin neighborhoods.
  • Good News Gallery / Community Announcements
    • Residents were reminded of our upcoming Stories for Change short film series premiere on 3/18/23 and invited to RSVP.
    • Resident John Kwamya, who works at Brick Bodies gym, asked if anyone was interested in a discounted group membership for the community. This call will be included in the next ATA newsletter.
    • Ms. Barbara reminded residents of our upcoming clean up on 3/18/23. John Kwamya was recognized and appreciated as the new clean up coordinator. Ms. Barbara invited more women to participate.

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