What is the best name for the Auchentoroly / Mondawmin neighborhood

Rename Parkview Woodbrook map

Looking at Google Maps and official Baltimore City maps, our collective neighborhood bounded by Liberty Heights, Auchentoroly, Fulton, and Reisterstown Rd, is labeled as “Parkview / Woodbrook”. This area is shared by both the New Auchentoroly Terrace Association and the Mondawmin Neighborhood Improvement Association. Many residents have asked why this label is used when seemingly nobody refers to the neighborhood by this name. In response, the Baltimore City Department of Planning (DOP) has released a survey asking us for an update to our neighborhood name. Note that DOP already uses the name “Mondawmin” for the area west of Reisterstown Rd, so we need to suggest other options.

Please click on this link to complete the survey and suggest your idea for a better neighborhood name for the area currently labeled as “Parkview / Woodbrook”: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7V7XGJZ

The deadline to submit neighborhood name ideas using the survey link is June 30, 2022.

Neighborhood historic district:


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